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Welcome to LUX EUROPA
Kwowledge about LUX EUROPA is poorly spread. Every fourth year another country starts at level Zero to organize the next LUX EUROPA conference. Difficulties occur even in getting contact with the representatives of some member societies.
To take a step toward an improvement the lighting societies of the four German speaking countries Austria, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland initialized a start-up project. More information about LUX EUROPA should be collected, preserved and presented in the internet. As a first step the starting version of a website was created You are just looking at.
It is up to You as user of the website, how it will be developed. Join the project: Help to develop the website to become a powerful tool. For better Information, for better cooperation, for a better LUX EUROPA!
Become a coworker. Give proposals for improvements or features to add. We thank You in advance!
Next conference LUX EUROPA 2017 will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenien . 18. - 20. September 2017. For more Information see www.luxeuropa2017.eu _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________