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Slovakia in LUX EUROPA

Slovakia is represented in LUX EUROPA by the Slovak Lighting society (SSTS). Our website: www.ssts.sk

LUX EUROPA SLOVAKIA welcomes You at our site. Here you find contact persons and documents.


Slovak Lighting society (SSTS)
Doc. Ing. Dionýz Gasparovký, PhD.
Slovak University of Technology 
Chairman of the SSTS
Member of the Advisory board of LUX EUROPA
Vice-president of the Slovak NC CIE 
Prof. Ing. Alfons Smola, PhD.
Slovak University of Technology 
Member of the Board of Ddirectors of LUX EUROPA 
Ing. Eduard Kacík  Vice-chairman of SSTS 
Ing. Stanislav Darula, PhD.  Secretary of SSTS 
Mgr. Roman Dubnicka  Media and Publications 
Ing. Jana Raditschová, Phd.  Treasurer of SSTS